Churches/Monasteries in Aegina

Like a majority of other Greek islands, Aegina is home to hundreds of churches spread throughout its landscape. However, no other island can boast one of the largest Orthodox churches in the southern Balkans as well as a site as captivating as the the deserted village of Palaiohora containing several churches, some of which date back to the 12th century.

Agios Nectarios is home to the island's patron saint who built the church and lived in the monastery. He died in 1920 and was canonized in 1961 (remarkably soon by Orthodox standards). The monastery is positively enormous and contains two tall bell towers as well as dozens of arches and domes surrounded with windows.
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Just 2 kilometers south from Agios Nectarios lies the monastery of the Virgin Mary Xrisoleontissa. Its formidable high walls and tower stand testament to the fear of pirate raids which gripped the island.
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The region of Palaiohora in the north central region of the island transports its visitors back seven centuries in time when the island lived under the threat of pirate attacks and frequent foreign invasions. These threats convinced the islanders that moving from the coast to the island's interior would ensure their safety and prosperity.
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This old church is actually made up of three churches, the largest of which dates back to the 13th century. One of the smaller churches contains a magnificent icon of the Virgin Mary. The church also includes vineyards and orchards, all of which belong to the monastery of Chrisoleontissa.
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This charming chapel may not contain beautiful icons, murals or metal offerings but it sits in the most privileged position atop the island's point on Mt. Ellanio (Hellanios). It shares its glory with the remains of a sanctuary of Zeus and the views from the summit of the Saronic Gulf are truly spiritual.
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