Church/Monastery in Achaia

Meaning "Monastery of the Big Cave", this 8-floor centre of worship was carved into the mountain and built at a height of 924 meters. It was originally built by two monks in the 4th century AD, and contains different icons such as Panagia Chrysospiliotissa as well as a special icon by the evangelist Luke.
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Proud to be the largest Orthodox Church in all of the Balkans with a capacity of 5,500 persons, Agios Andreas boasts exquisite architecture, beautiful paintings and great icons that adorn the interior. The church displays the skull of Saint Andrew as well as part of the cross he was crucified on.
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Lying at the northern foothills of the Panahaikos mountain range and beside the Xylokera stream, the church of Agios Nikolaos functioned as an old monastery according to Venetian records of the 17th century. It has since undergone many repairs.
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Built during the 12th century, this church functioned as a school during Ottoman rule.
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Carved into rock above the coastal road, the church of Panagia Tripiti is surrounded with miracle giving. Supposedly a castaway lost at sea found his way when he saw a light through a hole in the rock. He headed towards it and found an image painted by Luke the evangelist.
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Built at around 1400 AD, this is a Byzantine-type church that still carries the mystery and charm of Byzantine spirituality within its walls.
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Surprisingly, the English have their own grand protestant church in Patras, built in 1878, established with the support of the wealthy British society living in the city at the time. The neo-gothic style is architecturally interesting, while the church has been used on some occasions as an exhibition hall.
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Destroyed by Ottoman tyrant Ibrahim Pasha, the Monastery of Agia Lavra was built twice and then moved lower down in 1689 to where it stands today. Rare icons, sacred vessels and important archives can all be seen here.
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Just three kilometres away from Akrata lies the monastery of Agia Triada, built in the 16th century. It boasts some beautiful murals painted sometime around the mid 18th century. Saintly relics, rare heirlooms including a gospel from 1672 and a venerable spirit overall can all be seen or experienced here.
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Built over the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Earth, the now-deserted monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) was probably established in the 14th century.
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Built by the monk Nectarius – reputed as a skilled miracle worker – between 1715 and 1728, the monastery had special ties with the famous monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt's Sinai. Supposedly the monastery was protected by order of the sultan with special requests from the monks in Sinai.
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Set in nature between Kalanos and Kalanistra in Farrai, the monastery of Holy Mary with a Golden Leg, as it translates, helps those in need through miracles. Many believe it cures the ailing leg of a believer. The place was often visited by the eparch Palaion Patron Germanos during the Greek revolution.
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On the river of the Selinountas not far from Lapanagi village(Municipality of Kalavrita) this monastery was said to be built by Emperor Justinian. Highly prized is the icon of the Mother of God that – somewhat reminiscent of the Mona Lisa – is supposed to look at you wherever you're seated in the church.
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Located near the village of Kounina/Aegialia across from the Monastery of Taxiarches, controversy surrounds the establishment of this monastery. Building was either undertaken by Elena Palaiologina, wife of emperor Emmanuel Palaiologos, or by Bebel Helenitsa, daughter of Achaian priest Thomas Palaiologos.
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Rising above the Selinounta river barely a few kilometres from Egio, the Monastery of the Taxiarchs boasts a rich library and was founded in 1415. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times since then. Across the river there's the female Monastery of Pepelenitsa. It is a male-only monastery.
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Above Vlasia, the monk Arsenios established the monastery with another notable monk, Eugenios, who was credited in establishing the monastery of Agia Lavra. Only a few relics of value still remain, including the icon of Agios Nikolaos or Saint Nicholas dating from 1115 AD. The icon was reportedly restored in 1739.
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This church takes its name from the town's patron saint (Andrew), where he was allegedly crucified. A marble grave testifyies to this event. Beside the old temple a spring once dedicated to the Goddess Dimitra – an oracle for the sick – was also where Saint Andrew taught. The spring water is considered holy.
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Here's a very different kind of church, one that has a natural twist to it, having made its home inside a plane tree. This is seen locally as a miracle, and 15-20 people can fit within the church. It is located on the way from Kalavrita to Aigio via Pteri, some 30km from Kalavrita.
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Safely established in the early 15th century in proximity of three fortresses (Sarakinokastro, Saravali and Siderokastro), the Monastery of Omplos is dedicated to Sweet Holy Mary and was built in place of a more ancient structure.
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