Caving in Greece in Viotia

Near the village of Agios Thomas there is a cave with two holes of different diameters. The depth of the cave hasn't been surveyed so far. You can approach the cave on the way to the church of Profitis Elias. The upper part of the cave, referring to the gaping hole, is referred to as Stefani (wreath) by the locals.
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Meaning Red Rock in English, Kokkinovrahos on mount Akontio is home to two 'undiscovered' caves that are said to be quite impressive.
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The cave of Koronia the Nymph lies to the west of Agia Triada. Its chamber is about 8 meters by 10 meters with an opening in the roof. Evidence points to the cave being used as a holy site dedicated to the nymphs, with different sculpted objects, offerings and vessels having been found there.
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About 10 kilometres from Arahova, the cave of Korykio Antro is said to be both a natural wonder and an archaeological treasure. In ancient times it was dedicated to the nymphs of Korykio and the god Panas, as well as being considered the passage to Hades.
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