Caving in Greece in Peloponnese

The Albano chasm is interesting for explorers. It is 70 metres deep, located high in the Taygetos Mountains, home to various stalactites and bats.
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This is a huge cave by any standards and the largest in the area, lying some 17 kilometers south of Kalavrita and barely 2 kilometers from Kleitoria. With an stunningly enchanting entrance and three different levels the cave looks almost otherworldly, complete with haunting galleries and hanging formations.
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The caves of Diros are set along a beautiful bay on the south side of Areopoli, down the west side of Mani. Investigated in the 1950s by Ioannis and Ioanna Perochilou, these caves are remarkable both for their natural features and archaeological significance.
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Above the popular Eleonas beach and tourists on a mountain lies the cave of Hercules. Greek travel writer Pausanias in Roman times reveals that the cave hid a statue of Hercules, giving the exact directions of how to get there (descend from the ancient city of Vura and head to the coast by the river Vuraikos).
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In the municipality of Zaraka on the road to Kyparisi and past the ravine of Stavros, the bay of Pyliza with its white pebbles and villages of Vrysi, Paralia and Mitropoli are home to the well-preserved cave of Asclepios. The municipality also boasts the caves of Vris and Kyklopas (Cyclops in Greek) and Babolas.
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Next to the village of Tripti about 10 kilometres from Sparta lies the gorge and cave of Kaiadas, used at some point in the war of independence a couple of hundred years ago, but now gaining significance as a landmark in this area.
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