Caving in Kythera

Kythera offers spelunkers a multitude of caves to explore, all of them unique and stunning in their beauty. In a number of them you’ll find chapels dedicated to St. Sophia with intricate artwork that decorates the altars. All are archaeologically important and artifacts were found throughout.

Once used as a temple to worship the goddess Aphrodite, this underground cave contains a number of archaeological artifacts dating back to 4000 BC. Just follow the steps that are carved into the stone to see this important site. Archaeologists offer guided tours in the summer.
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You’ll need to take a boat across to visit this stunning cave. Afternoon is the best time for exploring as the sun shines into the cave at an angle that turns the water incredible shades of aquamarine.
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This beautiful cave is inaccessible during the winter months as the ravine within which it remains artfully hidden fills with water. Located at the entrance of the cave is the chapel dedicated to St. Sophia. The oldest archaeological remains of the island were found in this cave and date back to 6000 BC. Make sure you bring a flashlight when exploring and be careful, the ground is very slippery.
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Situated at the peak of the island’s tallest mountain, this cave isn’t usually found on most tourist maps and as a result is rarely explored. Mycenaean artifacts were unearthed here, and the cave is a favorite shelter for local wildlife.
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You’ll think you entered a fairy world when you explore this cave. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate every surface and sculpt the walls in beautiful patterns.
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Guided tours of this stunning cave will reveal a beautifully hand-painted 11thC altar (it’s literally on the cave wall) and adjacent chambers that unveil colorful stalactites and stalagmites. Try to spot the Kythironiscus paragiamani, a creature that can only be found in this cave – it’s tiny, blind, and survives on wood and water found in the cave. For tours: tel. 27360 31213.
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