Caving in Chania

Enthusiasts of this sport will not be disappointed by the sheer number of places Crete offers to explore. At last count the Greek Speleological Society had recorded over 3,000 caves in Crete. Not only are they astounding feats of nature, captivating in their own dark and mysterious way, they are also points of great archaeological and historical significance to the island.

Next to the vestiges of Katholiko monastery is the cave of Saint John the Hermit.
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Once a sacred spot of Minoan worship the cave of Agia Sofia is now famous for its mammoth stalactites and stalagmites.
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Approximately a ten minute walk from Gouverneto Monastery in Akrotiri is Arkoudospilios Cave. A footpath through the Avlaki Gorge is easily followed.
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Located approximately 6 km northwest of Paleochora near a small village called Azogires, the Cave of the Holy Fathers is an impressive cave system with a moving spiritual history.
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Also known to many Greeks as the 'deepest cave' Gourgouthakas is located in an area of the White Mountains (Ta Lefka Ori) known as Atzinolakos.
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