Caving in Fokida

Apart from the main ones listed below, there are many notable caves around Fokida, such as Agia Elousa Cave, Neraidospilia in Poludroso, Katvothra in Vargiani and others in Agoriani. Several caves are also found in Sikia. A small church has been built in one of these (Zoodochos Pigi), and the cave contains stalactites, stalagmites and a natural lake. Also noteworthy is Agia Eleoussa which was transformed into a church.

The cave of Apollo also known as Korikyo Cave in the Parnassos National Park is popular with speleologists. The cave lies on the E4 hiking trails and is about a 4-hour walk from Delphi, best approached from the church of Agia Triada.
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The Eptastomos cave (meaning seven-mouthed cave) has seven openings where according to recent study is home to the southern-most glacier in Europe, some 70 meters deep!
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