Castles/Forts in Viotia

Considered one of the four Catalan castles in Greece, the Castle of Livadia on the hill of Agios Elias dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The Catalans occupied the city from 1309 to 1380. A long walls weaves itself steeply around the castle until it joins an important tower.
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There is a castle in Davlia with remains of a Byzantine church in the form of some columns. The church was apparently built on the foundations of another ancient temple dedicated to Polias Athena.
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In Tarsus you can visit the castle and tower of Tarsus, where remains of fortifications allude to a much larger acropolis on the northern side of the hill. Some 300 meters below this point lies the tower, which was connected to the acropolis in the past.
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