Castles/Forts in Serres

Situated just 250 meters from the Bulgarian border, in the foothills of Mt Belles at an altitude of 1,936 meters, this fort-turned-museum was part of the Metaxas defense line, named after then dictator of Greece Ioannis Metaxas.
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The largest of the 21 fortresses of the Metaxa line, the Roupel or Rupel Fort (also called Metaxa Fortress) sits 322 meters above sea level and overlooks the Roupel Pass between mounts Bellas and Aggistro.
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Situated 25km north of Serres, the remains of the medieval fort that gave the town its name 'Iron Castle' can still be seen in this idyllic traditional village with shady squares, stone bridges and waterfalls.
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The tall tower is all that remains of the Byzantine Castle of Ezevy. Maro was the wife of Murad II and the daughter of the Serb sovereign George Brakovic. She had enough influence that Turk officers were sent to assassinate her. She escaped and died in a nearby village.
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