Castles/Forts in Lakonia

The castles of Mystras should be seen by every visitor to the area. Across the valley from Mystras is the magical Yeraki, where there is a fortress built as early as 1209 by Frankish baron Guy de Nivellet.
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A living, breathing fort town is Monemvasia, linked to the Peloponnese mainland by a causeway. Originally it was built in the 6th century, changing hands between Ottomans and Venetians many times with Byzantine churches in its midst.
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In Gythio (or Gythion) the castle of Goulades stands on Mavrovounio (Black Mountain). On the southwest side of Gythio near Marathea there's the 13th century castle of Passavas, built on the ancient site of Las. Mystras, dubbed as a world-heritage UNESCO site, also has remains of a fortress and other buildings.
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The impressive castle of Kelafa north of Aeropoli and to the south of Itilo was constructed by the Ottomans in 1670, seized 15 years by the locals with the help of the Venetians. There are remains of large walls and two of four towers that existed, as well as buildings parts and a canon (originally 58) for defence.
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Above the town of Molaon within the municipality by the same name lies a small fort built by the Franks, Turks or Byzantines, depending on who you talk to.
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