Castles/ Forts in Kos

Situated in the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Kos provided an ideal location for the Knights of the Order of St. John. A number of castles from the period remain to this day and will provide interesting places to explore for archaeology buffs and anyone interested in history and architecture.

Follow the Boulevard of Palms over the moat and explore this Templar castle that was built in the 15thC.
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This 15thC Venetian-Templar Castle can be reached after a hike, but the architecture will reward you. Built in 3 phases using volcanic rocks, it features homes and storage areas inside. Explore the churches of St. Nicholas and St. Paraskevi with beautiful murals and unique masonry.
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Crowning a high peak and accessible after a hike, this Byzantine castle won’t disappoint. Although only remains are left, the lay-out and masonry is worth a visit.
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