Castles/Forts in Corfu

Corfu’s castles and forts reflect its rich and tumultuous history. Built by illustrious architects and serving vital military and political purposes, these imposing structures are a must-see for any visitor interested in the architecture, culture and history of the Byzantine and Venetian empires. The Old and New Fortresses are in the Old Town of Corfu and feature as important attractions at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The New Fortress, built in the 16th Century, stands opposite the Old Fortress and boasts the Bastion of the Seven Winds where stunning views reward your uphill trek.
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The Old Fortress (Palaio Frourio in Greek) looms before you as you stroll down Spianada Square, reminding visitors of the many sieges Corfu withstood and the crucial role it played in the Mediterranean’s military defenses.
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This Byzantine castle majestically reigns above the Paleokastritsa area. Hike up a path to explore this 13th Century site where you’ll find the quaint church of Taxiarchi-Archangelou Michail and the intriguing Chapel of St. Kyriaki housed inside a cave boasting beautiful 18th Century murals.
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