Canyoning in Serres

The sheer, nearly smooth 50-70 meter slopes of the Aggitis Gorge are a canyoneer's dream. Considered by locals to have been hewn by Philip II of Macedon, the limestone ravine was more likely the result of seismic shifts between the Paggeo and Menikon mountains. Whatever the reason, this 15-kilometer river gorge offers untold opportunities for rappelling and canyoning as close to nature as one can get. The railway line passes by the village of Symvoli at the entrance to the gorge, making it easy to get to or be whisked away after a long day and tired muscles. The canyon is open year-round.

The sport is rapidly taking off in Greece. The ESEF offers training, excursions and advice.
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Established in 1930, the Serres branch of Greek mountaineering organization is especially active in Macedonia. Also contact the branch in Nigrita, +30 23220 24924.
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