Canyoning in Kythera

Adrenalin junkies will revel in the stunning canyons and gorges that attract canyoners to Kythera from around the world. Most routes are challenging and are best suited to more advanced and experienced enthusiasts. As always, take all the safety precautions and always ask a local for information and advice.

Kakia Lagada Gorge (near Trifillianika village and Paleohora)
This route begins near Paleohora and the Byzantine remains of the citadel. A difficult route, it requires at least two hours and the proper equipment. This gorge affords stunning views of the island’s rugged and wild landscape. You’ll come across a lake in your trek.

Tsakonas Canyon (near Mytata and Viaradika villages)
This route will lead you through a winding path that unfolds to reveal hidden churches (literally in the rock) and refreshing springs. It ends up at Paleopoli.

The Dutch owners of this little tourist office (and guesthouse by the same name) reflect their love for their adopted island through the fantastic tours that they have come up with.
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