Canoeing in Serres

The lifeline of the Serres area, the Strymonas River flows north to south the entire length of the region. The rivers that lead into it and irrigation canals winding off of it form an extensive network of charmingly scenic waterways that provide endless options for exploring the area by canoe.


The Strymonas River empties into manmade Lake Kerkini 20 kilometres from the point it enters Greece from Bulgaria. The crown jewel of Serres, Lake Kerkini, 24 kms in length, is a wonderland of nature, be it for flora, fauna or fowl. The Strymonas then meanders another 70 kilometres of luscious farmland and bright meadows before emptying into the Strymonikos Gulf on the Aegean. On Lake Kerkini, sightseeing boats and canoes can be rented from the village of Lithotopos, near the dam that formed the lake. For the even more adventurous, there’s the fast-flowing water of the Aggitis Gorge, 45km southeast of Serres. The Aggitis River flows through the villages of Symvoli and Lefkothea and winds up at the five-arched stone bridge at Aggista. Limestone layers form a ravine through which the river passes while 6th century paintings of animals and people can be seen along the canyon’s walls against a rich green backdrop.

Kayaking is a great way to take advantage of the province’s numerous waterways and see much more than one would from the road. One of the least obtrusive ways to view the delights of the Serres region, whether its flora, fauna or birdlife, kayaking is readily available around Lake Kerkini in the region’s north. Just inquire at any hotel or hostel. Rafting tours of the sheer Aggitis Gorge run its 15 kilometers between the Pangeo and Menikion mountains and pass through lush vegetation and by the 5th century rock paintings on its limestone cliffs.

Just 5 kilometers from Ano Vrondou, on the mountain of the same name, the Centre for Alternative Tourism organizes canoe and kayak trips of the lake or gorge as well as many other outdoor activities.
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Out of nearby Thessaloniki, 2-hour canoe tours are provided by Odyssey Tours as well as custom-made packages.
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Organized excursions are conducted year-round by oikoperiigitis and open Serres up to the adventurer.
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