Canoeing / Kayaking in Lesvos

Lesvos is a popular island for sea canoeing, as a number of its busy beaches boast shops that provide canoes to vacationers. Explore the coastline by sea if you’re seeking an eco-friendly way of touring the many seaside villages. It’s also a wonderful way of gaining access to hidden bays and secret coves that are only known to locals.  

Lesvos is a wonderful place for sea kayaking enthusiasts. The island’s beautiful coastline and hidden coves and beaches make sea kayaking an ideal sport for adrenalin junkies. Molyvo is a popular place to start as the rocky beach and hidden thermal spring nearby are just a few of the area’s gems. You can tour the entire island and make your way through wonderful hidden beaches perfect for a quick dip, and quaint villages ready to greet hungry travelers.

The team behind Pandora Travel, headed by Sigrid Van der Zee who today is as much Dutch as she is Greek, will unveil the very best of this island. Sigrid has a passion for Lesvos, as seen from the different fabulous packages she offers through her alternative travel agency.
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Combine sailing with diving, hiking and kayaking in one of Greece’s largest and most amazing islands. Lesvos is rich in its eco-offerings and the folks at Alternative Sailing Lesvos will do an excellent job of unveiling the island’s beauty.
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