Canoeing/ Kayaking in Kefallonia

Sea canoeing is a popular sport in Kefallonia, with a number of shops renting out all the equipment found along the more popular beaches of the island. Stick to the resort areas if you also need instruction along with the canoe. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to explore nearby bays, sea canoeing is ideal.


Kefallonia is the perfect island to explore by sea-kayak. The coastline hides a number of gems that are easily accessible if you’re a sea-kayaker. Hidden bays, tiny coves, interesting cliffs that shine bright white in the sun against a backdrop of lush green forests are just a few locales that beg to be discovered. Sea-kayaking is suitable for all ages and is a sport that’s easily undertaken regardless of athletic ability. A number of local sea-kayakers run day-long sea kayaking tours. If you’re an avid sea-kayaker, fanatic Kefallonian kayakers organize longer kayaking vacations that give you a unique tour of this beautiful island.

Discover the gorgeous island of Kefallonia with a well-experienced team. Offers lots activities such as hiking, canoeing and kayaking. Go on tours and see the wildlife of the island. Do lessons people with needs. Take up the opportunity and see the wildlife.
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