The Manikiatis River which winds its way through the eastern section of central Evia is a great place for canoeing by explorers of all ages and abilities. Lake Dystos located just south of Krieza is also a scenic destination for those interested in exploring the area by canoe.



Kayaking enthusiasts can enjoy the sport both in freshwater rivers and in the sea thanks to Evia’s diverse landscapes. Inland, the Manikiatis River lies at the eastern section of Central Evia and offers kayakers the chance to experience Evia’s beauty up close. Lake Dystos towards the southern edge of the region provides bird watchers the opportunity to observe the numerous fowl via kayak along the lakes peaceful waters.


Dedicated to a plethora of outdoor activities throughout Greece, Trekking Hellas can organize sea kayaking trips outside of the town of Kymi. Equipment rental, training, and transportation are provided.
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