Bird watching in Trikala

If there’s one iconic feature Trikala is proud of, it’s the pristine natural landscapes found throughout the region, and birdwatching plays an important part of these landscapes.

From Koziakas Mountain and its important part in the Natura 2000 network, to the roaring rivers that rip through deep canyons, coupled with the biggest fir forest in the country, the wildlife habitats provided by these pristine landscapes are of critical importance to birds. As you hike through mountain trails or go canyoning, it’s a perfect way to birdwatch. Owls, woodcocks, pheasants, eagles, falcons, partridges are just a few of the species that make this region home. All these species are protected, so keep all safety measures in mind for the sake of these beautiful animals.

At the bottom of Koziakas Mountain you’ll find a vital ecosystem close to Prodromos village. This vital habitat features Baltista forest, which is a lush thick forest of sycamore and plane trees. If you hike through it you’ll find that Kazakous stream flows amongst the beautiful trees and into the nearby village. The water source combined with the forest cover make for an excellent place of refuge for all wildlife. It’s good for birdwatching, as partridges and pheasants often roam through the forest.

As part of your eco-tour, make it a point to hike through the area surrounding Prinos village. You’ll be wowed by the wonderful forest lush with sycamore trees that’s crossed by Sofratsa River. It’s an idyllic forest that serves a vital role in Trikala’s ecosystem. Look for Leni Spring and you’ll see an important water source. As you explore the area, head to Palio River which was once part of a lake. This river is extremely important for the birds of the area, and is one of the most pristine habitats for water hens and wild ducks as well as other birds that make the forest area their home.

The region around Meteora also boasts a number of important habitats that support vital ecosystems. Close to Klinos village, you’ll find another beautiful village called Mantania village. From here you’ll be able to explore pristine Kalogriani Forest. Thick with oak, dogwood, fir, elm and sycamore trees, Kalogriani Forest supports an important ecosystem consisting of thrush and partridges.

As you explore Trikala, you’ll discover Pili’s many beautiful forests. Trek your way through Ombrava, Lefkes and Paleomantri forests. They’re absolutely beautiful and you’ll be captivated by the thick fir forests which retain their pristine ecosystems. In fact, keep an eye out for partridges. Make it a point to admire Lakka Tis Stefanis forest. It’s small when compared to the flowing fir forests Trikala is famous for, but it is very worth an exploratory hike through it. As you hike through, explore the lush chestnut and fir forests around Ropoto village. It’s a haven for wildlife because of its pristine ecosystems and habitats. Partridges and woodcocks seek refuge here.

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