Bird Watching in Serres

One of the the top bird sites for birdwatching in all of Greece, Lake Kerkini is an extremely important area for the passage, wintering and breeding of both waterfowl and raptors as well as for the breeding of migratory songbirds.


The nearby forests and mountains provide nesting grounds for the eagles, falcons and owls that forage in the area. More than 300 species of birds have been sighted, with more than 140 calling the lake home and another 170 coming here to reproduce or stopping over on migratory routes to the rest of Europe. Endangered species that breed here include the Dalmatian Pelican and pygmy cormorant. The lake is covered by the Ramsar Convention and is listed as an Important Bird Area and Special Protection area. The Hellenic Ornithological Society considers the changing water levels of the lake due to the dyke system to be a major threat to the birds. Visit the villages of Neohori and Livadia where locals have erected platforms for nesting pelicans and storks.


It is a flurry of wings and calls on Lake Kerkini, an intricate dance of nature with the passing of the seasons. The wetland species of purple herons, black stork, spoonbill, pelicans, grebes, ducks, flamingos, glossy ibises and an occasional white egret can all be viewed on the lake. It is an important wintering area on migration routes. Birds that actually breed here include the whiskered and black tern, sparrow hawks, little egret, white stork, Squacco and black-crowned night herons. From the mountains overlooking the lake come the birds of prey – golden, white-tailed and lesser spotted eagles, peregrine falcons and many varieties of owls – while nutcrackers, blue rock thrush, black woodpeckers and various warblers all add their voices to the melody.

Make a quick stop here to learn how the lake was created and what is being done to preserve and protect it for future generations.
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This is the place to go to learn what options for excursions there are on or around the lake. Also exhibits samples of plant life, insects, fowl and fauna in a mini museum.
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This organization polices the area to make sure no illegal hunting or intrusive practices are taking place.
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