Patmos is a wonderful island for birdwatchers, as its pristine ecosystems and traditional developments fostered the protection of natural habitats throughout the island. Not only is Patmos’ landscape crucial for migratory birds, but there are a number of islets surrounding Patmos that sustain birdlife and a vital ecosystem.

Wetlands and Lake around Grikos Bay and Petra

Patmos’ insistence on resisting commercial development led to the preservation of pristine ecosystems close to town. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will love the wetlands and lake near Petra. They are both protected sites where a vibrant ecosystem of wild ducks, swans and heron seek refuge. Patmos is a vital stop for migratory birds, and as such will delight nature lovers.

Arki Islets

If you’re a nature lover and a birdwatcher, the Arki network of tiny islands is a perfect day trip for you. Arki’s islets boast rugged landscapes that attract migratory birds because of their pristine and vital ecosystem. Whole cliffs and boulders are often covered in birds. Migratory and domestic birds, lizards and flora create a unique ecosystem around Patmos, supported by this well preserved pristine habitat. Don’t miss out on the island’s environmental research center on Arki. Then hike through the islands to find secret coves perfect for swimming.

Other Activities for Patmos

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