Bird Watching in Corfu

Corfu is an interesting and rewarding destination year-round for bird watchers, where sightings of over 150 species of native and migrating birds delight both amateur and professional ornithologists. Fall and spring mark the peak of the birdwatching period, where over 90 species - many of them rare - pass through the island.

Destinations for bird watchers
An excellent place to bird watch is Korission Lake. Part of the Natura 2000 network, the lake is situated in the south-western part of the island and provides an important ecosystem for a range of species, as well as a vital stopping-place for migrating birds from Africa. At times over 2000 birds are seen on and around the lake. Here you may spot a variety of passage and wintering birds, including birds of prey like Eleonora’s and Red-footed Falcons as well as Montagu’s Harriers. Other birds that have been seen here are European flamingos, Pygmy Cormorants, Great White Egrets, swans, herons and Marsh Harriers.
Antinioti Lagoon in the north (close to Agio Spyridona and Almirou beaches) is another important habitat for Corfu’s bird population with over 96 rare species sighted here. This brackish lagoon is also part of the Natura 2000 network and is home to spotted eagles, herons, cormorants, falcons and egrets. Mount Pantokrator, also in the north, constitutes the island’s highest mountain at 900 feet and is a perennial favourite amongst Corfu’s bird watchers. Spotted here are a number of fascinating species, such as Egyptian vultures, buzzards, Bonelli’s and booted eagles and kestrels.


Birds in villages and towns
Even the more commonly-sighted birds of Corfu offer interesting opportunities for bird watchers. Barn and Scops owls, jays, swallows and goldfinches can all be regularly seen - and heard! - on the island.


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