Mount Parnon is a haven for birds, counting 217 species. Some just pass through, while others live here all year round. Of the 217, there are 53 species protected by law as they are in danger of extinction. Among the most rare are the mountain blackbird, shore lark, golden eagle, alpine chough, purple heron and ring ouzel.


Most birds on Mount Parnon belong to the group known as Passeriformes. This includes, sparrows, swallows, hooded crows, common blackbirds, song thrushes, nuthatches, coal tits and others. While they prefer the coniferous zones of the forest for its softer climate, the birds make their home all over the mountain and not only in certain regions.

Aquatic birds and water fowl are attracted to the Moustos wetland and other smaller wetlands in the area where food and good weather are abundant. Canals, riparian lakes, mudflats, reed brakes and salt marshes in the region offer a diverse, exciting habitat for these birds as well.


While Passeriformes are attracted to the forests, many bird species thrive in semi-mountainous woods lying between 600-800 meters in altitude. While the number dwindles below 600 meters, the area is still comparatively rich in local bird fauna when compared to the rest of the country. 

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