You'll love the Kotychi lagoon if you're a birdwatcher. Brackish in nature with many sea dunes and marshy patches of saltwater, the lagoon is part of the International Bird Areas (IBA) included in the Ramsar convention. This is a vacationland for birds, who stop by to breed and en route to other countries. Breeders such as the Fudge Duck and Lesser Kestrel compete with passers-by such as Little Egret, Great Egret, Glossy Ibis and others.

Hunting is a serious problem, and any birdwatcher would be wise to report infractions to authorities. You must also be careful with the dunes and topography of the place as tourism hasn't always been kind to it. In the nearby Strofylia wetlands, you are sure to spot the Collared Pratincole and Little Tern, considered rare bird species in the area. Your trip to Kotychi and Strofylia wetlands can begin at the village of Lappa, where there is a Visitor Centre that provides information.

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