Archaeology in Xanthi

Dating from the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC), this site is located in a cave. In the centre of the cave, a carving of Mithras who was a god of the sun of Persian origin is depicted. The carving shows Mithras sacrificing a bull, while followers of the god are watching.
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The first level of this historic museum focuses on the history of the city and relics excavated nearby. Another section covers mythology, research and books written by ancient writers from Xanthi. There are old maps too. Ancient artifacts of public and private life in Xanthi as well as grave sites.
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This fortified city was founded in the sixth century. It is considered to be the first city of Thrace due to its location on the estuary of the Nestor river. On the west side of this city there are ancient buildings and an aqueduct. In the southern part, there is an excavated church by the citadel.
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