Archaeology in Trikala

Trikala is the birthplace of Asklipios, the Ancient Greek god of medicine. Born in the region, he used the vast variety of medicinal plants and herbs found on the slopes of Koziakas mountain to formulate cures for his many patients.

In fact, Koziakas mountain is known as Asklipios’ pharmacy, in tribute to the god. Trikala also plays a part in Greek mythology, as it’s named after Trikki – a nymph and daughter of Pinio River. First inhabited in 3000 BC, Trikala played a vital role throughout the ages.

Remains of a temple dedicated to Asklipion Trikkis can be found here, and is thought to be a hospital founded by Asklipion.
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Trace the region’s archaeological history by taking a walk around Elati. The area is dotted with remains of the ancient settlement of Potneo. Roam the village and you’ll no doubt find remnants of this once-great city.
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Explore this unique structure close to a lushly forested mountain. Dating back to the Byzantine and Medieval era, it exudes an otherworldly aura and gives you a peek into the architecture of the period.
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Visit this cave not far from Kalambaka to admire footprints made by kids dating from 50000 – 5000 BC. Serving as proof that the area was inhabited from that time, the cave is archaeologically significant. A Paleolithic skeleton was also found here.
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Other Activities for Trikala (Meteora, Pertouli)

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