Archaeology in Samos

Samos is a treasure trove of exciting ancient finds for over 35 years, the Greek Archaeological Society has been carrying out digs in the region of the lower city of ancient Samos (which is about as large as the current size of Pythagoreio today), and they are continuing to do so. The dramatic development that has been taking place on the island due to tourism has led to the unearthing of the largest part of the ancient past via the Agora, public buildings, road networks and temples. There is a great deal to be explored here, with impressive finds such as the Heraion temple (or Temple of Hera), which is the largest Greek temple ever built, and the 4.8m high statue of the Kouros, as well as well organized and information-packed museums. 

The walls linining the hills of Ambelou (Kastri) in Kasteli, at a total length of 6430m with a circumference of 1,2km squared, in which a city was set up. Carved, rectangular blocks, weighing several tons each were the main materials used for construction.
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Impressive both for its progressive technological sophistication and great length (1,036 m), how the Efplaineo aqueduct was constructed so perfectly remains a mystery.
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This popular museum (receiving around 30,000 international visitors per year) presents a rich and varied number of paleontological finds.
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The Phrygian mother goddess Cybele from Asia Minor, later known to the Greeks as Rea, was the goddess of wild nature and the creative forces of the earth and fertility. On the western and northern fringes of the upper city of ancient Samos, outdoor shrines dedicated to the godess were carved into the rocks.
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The Thermes, or baths were a complex built on the east side of the athletic complex where the gymnasium and palestra (wrestling school) were, during the latter part of the second century AD, and have been very well preseved.
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The Heraion was built 580 BC by the architect Theodoros, in honour of Hera, Zeus’ wife and Godess of the Hearth. Four times larger than the Parthenon (108.73 meters long, 54.8 meters wide and 25 meters high), this is the largest temple ever to be built in Greece.
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The city’s ancient theater stands on a slope under Spiliani mountain. It was built during the Roman era and seems to have had a stagem orchestra pit and seating area.
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