If you’re looking for archaeological sites that not only span the eras but also offer unique places for exploration, Patmos is the ideal location for you. This island’s archaeological record spans millennia, beginning in Prehistoric times through the Middle Ages. Patmos also plays a role in literature, in the Odyssey and Aeschylus’ and Euripides’ plays, as Patmos is believed to be the place where Orestes sought refuge. Patmos played a key commercial, political and religious role in Antiquity and throughout the Byzantine era through Ottoman and Venetian occupation.

Thousands of visitors visit this cave because of its religious significance, but it’s also a good example of the island’s archaeological past.
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Dating back to 1100 BC, it’s riddled with natural and manmade caves, and served as a temple for Aphrodite and then was taken over by monks who lived in tiny caves.
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The remains the ancient city of Kastelli date back to the 3rdC BC, and you’ll be able to explore the Hellenistic wall made of volcanic trachyte rock which features a series of towers, extensive Roman fortifications, and evidence of the local Temple of Apollo.
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Built in the 1700s, this mansion is a perfect way to learn more about Patmos’ traditional architecture. Tour the exhibits which also display stunning artifacts that date back to Prehistoric times, through Antiquity and the Hellenistic era.
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