Archaeology in Lasithi (Crete)

For those interested in ancient history, this nomos has some of the most spectacular and well-positioned sites anywhere on the island. Of Crete's six Minoan "palaces", two can be found here: those of Zakros and Petras (the other four are in the adjacent nomos of Herakleion.

Other Minoan sites include Palaikastro, which may yet yield a "palace", Gournies; which was a sizeable town, three sites close to the lovely sea-side village of Myrtos, on the south coast (Myrtos Phourni Korifi, Myrtos Pyrgos and further north, Simi), and a house at Vassiliki. Add to these sites those of a slightly later date such as Itanos, Praisos, Lato etc, and one could spend months here, just visiting the sites.

Dating back to the EMIII period (around 2100 BC), the town of Gournia continued to be settled through to the late 13th C. BC, with occasional interruptions. It is a remarkably well-preserved site, and has been dubbed the "Pompeii of Crete".
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