Archaeology in Kos

Kos will amaze all archaeology buffs, with a plethora of recently reorganized archaeological sites that are indisputably among the most important discoveries in Greece.
Important temples, beautifully maintained mosaics, and exact life-size replicas of Ancient Greek and Roman homes are the highlights of the stroll back in time that all visitors can enjoy in Kos.

Dating back to the 4thC BC, the ancient Agora in Kos constituted the political, commercial, religious and social hub of the island and was one of the most important Agoras in the world.
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Take a tour of the exact replica of a 5thC BC Ancient Kos home. Admire the kitchen with all the utensils and the unique chimney. You’ll find statues and votive offerings to the gods as well.
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This museum houses a stunning collection of statues and mosaics from the Ancient Greek and Roman periods. Make it a point to admire the statue of Hippocrates dating back to the 4thC BC and that of Hermes from the 2ndC BC.
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One of the most important archaeological sites in the world, this sanctuary dates to the 4thC BC and is found at the top of a lush hill surrounded by pine forests.
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You’ll feel like you stepped back in time and into the living room of a home belonging to a Kos official from the Roman period. An exact replica, you’ll walk through the 36 stunningly decorated rooms and into three atriums.
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This living museum is a tribute to the herbal remedies discovered and administered by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine and a native of Kos.
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Dating back to the 5thC AD, this is an architectural jewel. Built as a double basilica, its remains are well-preserved. Here you’ll see a stunning floor mosaic, interesting masonry, and beautiful sculptures.
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This theater dating back to the 2ndC AD served as both a venue for musical festivals as well as a house for the Roman Senate. It’s one of the best-preserved odeons, and here you’ll find marble and granite seats as well as the original stage floor.
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