Archaeology in Korinthia

Ancient Corinth also boasts archaeological ruins – mostly Roman and some Greek – at the foot of the huge rock, Acrocorinth. Walls, mosaics, reliefs and works of different civilizations are all present.
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The region of Nemea, known more for its wine, also contains some ruins, a small sample of what remains of Ancient Nemea.
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One of the most important Pan-Hellenic shrines in the country is the sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia (7th century BC) not far from the village of Kiravrisi where the Pan-Hellenic games took place every other year.
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Not far from the coastal town of Kiato are the Hellenistic ruins of Sicyon or Sikiona. The ruins of the agora and a temple remain today, as well as the bouleuterion, stadium and theatre.
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Wander through Roman exhibits in 3 special showrooms and around the museum's courtyard. The museum highlights the long history of Corinth starting from the Neolithic era until the Middle Ages.
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Right beside the site where many archaeological treasures were unearthed, this museum features all the finds and outstanding glass tableaus from 375 AD.
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Right on site, the museum focuses on finds of the area and sheds light on its history, complementing the site where sadly not much remains.
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The area of Kalyvia boasts remains of an ancient site called Feneus.
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Fliountos (pronounced Flioundos) shows remnants of a temple dedicated to Zeus as well as a stadium and other buildings.
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In Kehries, a little port on the Saronic Gulf, ancient foundations were excavated at the harbour, although most remain submerged. There is evidence of a temple for Isis and an early Christian church.
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Near lake Stymphalia – known in mythological lore for its iron-winged birds that were destroyed Hercules – there are ruins from the temple of Artemis and walls of the old city, as well as a Frankish castle and church from the 13th century.
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