Archaeology in Kefallonia

Kefallonia’s archaeological sites and excavations highlight the island’s importance in Ancient Greece. A number of important graves and locations were found, which prove that Kefallonia was a vital location in the Mycenaean period, from 1500-1100 BC.

This island also played an important role during the Roman period, and recent findings suggest that Kefallonia was the most important island in the Ionian during this period. Tombs, jewelry and a theater are all important archaeological artifacts that place Kefallonia at the center of archaeological history. Some Kefallonians insist that Odysseus hailed from this island and that the mythological Ithaca in Homer’s Odyssey can be traced back to Kefallonia.

One of the most recent discoveries, this tomb housed Mycenaen kings in their afterlife and dates back to 1300 BC.
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Dating back to the 2ndC BC up to the 4thC AD, this compound of graves suggests Kefallonia was of vital strategic significance during the Roman era.
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Take some time to explore the remains of what used to be an acropolis near Sami village – this Ancient Greek acropolis was also mentioned in Homer’s texts. Walls date back to the Hellenistic period, while there are also remains of a Roman theater and Roman baths nearby. Look for the mosaics as you explore.
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This museum is a must-see for everyone. It holds some of the most significant Mycenaean artifacts ever to be found in Greece – the result of excavations that discovered the Beehive/Tholos Tomb and the Roman Grave Complex. Jewelry, pottery and other tools are featured, as are artifacts found in a cave.
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Make it a point to explore parts of this semi-preserved Roman villa which dates back to the 2ndC AD. Although some sections are in ruins, you’ll be able to admire the stunning mosaics and the baths adjoining the villa. Look for interesting inscriptions as you stroll through this site.
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