Archaeology in Kalymnos

Kalymnos boasts a rich and varied archaeological history, with evidence that suggests settlement began in the Neolithic Era and Early Bronze Age. After joining the Athenian League and then falling to the Persians, Kalymnos was liberated by Alexander the Great.

The island flourished during the Hellenistic age and then went on to embrace early Christianity, with a number of early churches being built in Kalymnos. Part of the Byzantine Empire, it was fortified with the castle in Chora while another castle was built under the Knights of the Order of Saint John.

Built by the Knights Templar in the 15thC, the remains of this castle will let you peek into Kalymnos’ medieval past. Seek out the coats-of-arms belonging to the Knights Templar, explore the Church of Panagia Chrysoheria – this is where a hoard of gold coins was rumored to be found under its floors.
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This is part of Sanctuary of Delios Apollo. Here you’ll be able to admire the remains of two early Christian basilicas – the basilica of the Church of Christ of Jerusalem and the Church of Saint Sophia.
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Built in the Middle Byzantium and rebuilt by the Knights Templar, the ruins of this archaeological site offer you a glimpse all the way back to the 4thC BC through to the 15thC AD. Take the time to admire the wood-carved altar in the Church of Panagia Keharitomeni within the castle grounds.
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Dating back to the 10thC BC, this site is the most significant archaeological area in Kalymnos. The remains of the buildings, including political buildings, a theater and statues, echo the religious and political importance of this sanctuary which doubled as the religious and political capital of ancient Kalymnos.
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The center of Kalymnos’ life in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, the remains at Damos boast workshops, homes, baths, tombs and walls. Take your time to admire the statues in the cemetery.
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