Archaeology in Chania

According to historical research there is evidence to suggest that humans settled in Crete as early as 128,000 BC. With the island's long history of conquerors and fighting come many interesting archaeological sites. In the region of Hania one may stumble across anything from the remains of tiny stone churches (some of which were erected by the Cretans as places of 'secret' worship while they were occupied) to significant monasteries, Byzantine churches and even remains of the ancient Minoan civilization which existed on Crete from approximately the 27th century BC to the 15th century BC.

Known mostly to travellers as one of the most exquisite beaches on the island, Falassarna like almost every destination in Crete, has an ancient past steeped in historical significance.
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Within 15 or so kilometres east of Hania lie the remains of the hilltop town of Aptera with its breathtaking panoramic views.
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Want a more eco-friendly side of Crete? Let Balos Travel take you biking or hiking. Drop by a local family farm and enjoy cooking lessons. Great sites such as Samaria Gorge, Balos, Elafonisi and Knossos are also on the menu!
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An ancient city located near the village of Sougia, Lissos boasts remains of an ancient theatre, Roman tombs, and an aqueduct. Possibly the most precious finds are remnants of the ancient mosaic floors belonging to the Temple of Asklepios who was the Greco-Roman God of Healing.
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Yet another ancient city, Polyrhenia prospered during the Roman period on Crete. Founded by the Archaeans, there remain ruins from various Greek and Roman structures as well as highly impressive walls and reinforcement of its acropolis (built during the Byzantine era).
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One lonesome stone tower lies secluded between the small coastal village of Loutro and the Bay of Finix. In the past the ancient town and port of Finikas (or Phoenix) lay just west of the promontory in Loutro.
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Close to the village of Koleni is the small village of Rokka, also known for its somewhat precarious location beside the Rokka Gorge. Overlooking the village are relics of a Venetian fort with remains of various buildings and some cistern graves.
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