Archaeology in Argolida

Discover collections from classical and prehistoric times from the area and beyond, dating from 2000 BC to 600 AD.
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While some of the sculptures originally here were moved to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and replaced by plaster versions, there's still a lot to see.
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In the site of Mycenae itself, the museum unveils the life of the Mycenaeans and their burial customs.
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Erected in 1713 by the Venetian Provider Sagredos, the museum features Mesolithic and Palaeolithic finds from as far back as 8000 BC.
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Near the picturesque seaside village of Asini lies the archaeological site by the same name. It features many Mycenaean tombs (the Barbouna necropolis) among others.
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Across from the Panagia Katakekrymmeni, lies a round, wide hill that is about 80 metres high, reaching the Charadros River. Once upon a time this hill featured an acropolis with towers.
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Not to be confused with the city by the same name, and lying at an elevation of almost 290 metres, Larissa represents the Acropolis of Argos.
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Long before the ancient Greek philosophers and the battles of Athens and Sparta ever took place, more than a thousand years before these events, there was another powerful and intriguing civilization of Greece belonging to the Mycenaeans.
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Also known as the temple of Asclepius, this site was a religious and curative centre (as revealed in the poems of Pindaros), an anceint holistic and spiritual centre.
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Visitors will marvel at the huge boulders that may remind British and Irish visitors of the Gaelic dolmens. Myth has it that the boulders were created by the Cyclops (Kiklopi in Greek).
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The municipality of Argos also features a theatre built by Polycleitus sometime towards the end of the 5th century BC. It held possibly up to 20,000 people in 83 rows, and is considered the biggest of ancient Greece.
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Near Argos lies a site to worship the Greek-Egyptian god Serapis established during Hellenistic times under the Ptolemaic dynasty. Considered the guardian of medicine and the saviour god, Serapis enjoyed popularity of the peoples in Argolis.
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