About us

Our triple mission

  • To enrich peoples’ lives through cultural and environmental-friendly adventures that will introduce them to a world of nature, local culture, wildlife, gastronomy, ecology, history and eco-friendly sporting activities representing what life in Greece and the Mediterranean is all about…
  • To raise awareness regarding nature, ecology, heritage and culture
  • To promote eco-friendly business practices to local businesses, emphasizing ecology, environment, sustainability, traditions and heritage of Greece

Our Values

  • Deep respect for the environment
  • Active interest in supporting local communities
  • A love of Greek traditions and customs

The Benefits that we bring

  • Raise environmental awareness and sustainability through responsible travel and tourism that respects the environment and local communities
  • Encourage local communities such as agro-tourism farms, women’s cooperatives, eco-friendly businesses, etc.
  • Promote history and culture through museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, local customs and relevant activities
  • Promote sustainable travel alternatives such as eco-tourism in nature reserves, Natura-2000 areas, RAMSAR protected sites, etc. with the least possible impact on local culture and environment
  • Enrich peoples’ lives in an engaging, responsible and educational manner through the experiences promoted under this project
  • Offer recommendations, tips and advice on how to conduct responsible tourism, respecting the environment and ecosystems
  • Encourage eco-friendly activities as alternatives to activities that harm the environment and delicate ecosystems
  • Encourage local businesses to adopt more eco-friendly practices and inform them about the importance of ecotourism.

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Greece is so much more than the sea. We’ve compiled some of the best eco-friendly properties, businesses that conduct eco tours and some real good local Greek restaurants in one guide. Download it here





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